Descendants of John & Joan BOORMAN - 12 generations
compiled by Terry and Claudia Boorman - updated 6 Aug 2016
BOORMAN FAMILY TREE - Descendants of John & Joan BOORMAN

These pages document part of Terry’s paternal family history through his BOORMAN line, going back 12 generations as far as John and Joan BOORMAN in the 1500s in England (primarily Kent). Research is ongoing.

NOTE: Due to intermarriages, the earliest generations contain the ancestors of Margaret Boorman (1618-1677) who married Robert Hayward (1622-1784). Their daughter Elizabeth HAYWARD (1655-1731) married Thomas BOORMAN (1667-1698), son of William BOORMAN (c1635-c1685) and Sarah (c1639-1695) - Terry’s direct male line.

The pages in this section are formatted as a standard genealogy Register Report, grouped by generations. Most names are listed twice, once as the children in their parents' generation, and again (with more details) in their own generation. For some there may be additional references or duplicate listings in cases of inter-family marriages.

To find a specific person in these pages, please use the “index” (link above). Alternately, the “surnames” pages contains links to each surname in the index. Living people have been blocked for privacy reasons.

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